We offer you a unique and the only one in the world 3D-Flight-Check-in developed by our experts. The Service makes it possible to choose the desirable seat aboard the aircraft on the tour operator's website just after completing the ticket issuance.

You may choose the desirable seat by using a 3D-cabin layout of the real-life aircrafts from the air carriers' fleets, which allows you to learn the seating plan characteristics, such as number of seats, space between the seats as well as the number of registered passengers, their gender and age. It means that a tourist now may choose whom to sit next to on a plane journey.

Today, this project has been successfully implemented in Russia. The process of 3D-check-in has been completely debugged and tested on the aircrafts of the regional airlines. The second largest Russian air company carries one million passengers annually using the service. We have a very stable system of information transfer from airlines to travel agencies and tourists. All changes regarding departure time or aircraft model will be immediately reported.

The Service with the option to pick a seat is very comfortable to use by tourists, saving their time at the airport by reducing preflight formalities. The 3D-Flight-Check-in service enables tourists to choose their seat aboard the aircraft and check-in for the flight. At the airport, all that is left to do is to get boarding pass and register the luggage.

One of the advantages of our Service is that from the moment of ticket issuance we are independently able to keep the database, more precisely, to show seat availability. As soon as check-in begins, we forward all data regarding tourists and their seats to the airline. If tourists continue to check-in for the flight through our website, their data automatically transferred to the airline's system.

Our benefits:

  • we can make a 3D-model of aircraft cabin layouts on our website in the luxury style of airlines;
  • we can create an online tour on the cabin layouts of aircrafts whether Business class, Economy class or First class, which will show passengers the highest standard of aircrafts;
  • ensure a product placement on the wings in the form of airlines logo;
  • implement 3D-Flight-Check-in service on airlines website.

Depending on the aircraft model, you may choose upper deck or lower deck.

In order to move around the cabin please use the selection rectangle on the aircraft image on the right.

In the right block, select one of the tourists and after the seat was chosen click on the seat number icon.

The figure of a tourist shall appear on the chosen seat and the icon lights up in green.

As soon as the seating completed, please click on “Register”.

Website: www.bgoperator.ru