Gorki-Gorod - the interactive web project

As a result of creation and implementation of the "Electronic resort" complex we achieved:

  • minimization of the human participation in the business processes;
  • cancel (or reduce dramatically) the cash turnover;
  • provide the work in the online mode of all the essential functionality and reporting about an individual client, about a company and about the resort in whole.

The "Electronic resort" complex includes:

  • own-produced self-service point of sales, which provides service for bank cards and the Gorki-Gorod cards, accepts and dispenses cash, flight tickets, makes change and tops-up mobile phones. For every client via the point of sales an account is opened and attached to a client's card. The Gorki-Gorod card is then used as the skipass, as the card for payments for goods and services on the resort and also as the card with loyalty programmes and discounts;
  • ticket barrier management module, implemented for the SkiData ticket barriers;
  • NFC communicator based point of sale which reads the Gorki-Gorod cards. Own-developed software is installed on the communicator which handles sales, writing off of amounts of the card applied by the client to the communicator;
  • software which unites all the devices, monitors thier states, handles financial transactions and reporting.