Portier - the software suite for hotels automation.

The suite is built with open source and free software: the Linux operating system, the PostgreSQL database management system, the Java platform. It is totally unnecessary to buy any software product licenses when using the Portier suite except the Portier license itself.

The Portier suite is in-house product of the Biblio-Globus group of companies. The suite is built with the many years' experience of the touroperator - the leader of the industry.

In-house development assumes immediate improvement of the Portier suite for a customer's needs. Technical support of the Portier suite is carried out in the 24x7 mode.

The Portier suite automates the following processes:

  • The booking process
  • Execution of booking applications for companies and inpiduals;
  • Discounts and special tariffs during booking;
  • Booking of room categories and rooms;
  • Reallocation, cancelation and shift of a booking;
  • Bookings archive;
  • Cancelation of bookings in case of guests no show after a timelimit

Check in

  • Fast check in for a booking;
  • Fast room search for vacant rooms, room categories, rooms with cash or wire transfer payments;
  • Relocation, reconfiguration and prolongation of the accomodation;
  • Guest archive, check in from a guest's profile;
  • Boarding monitoring. Addition of breakfasts into a hotel stay;
  • Arbitrary number of workplaces;
  • Bed sheets change schedule;
  • Guest room inventory management: room setting for booking, cleaning, repair;
  • Passport (ID) scanner for fast check in;
  • Guest stay history with billing history.

Settlement operations

  • Cash operations
  • Automatic settlement of stay and services with discounts;
  • Partial pay;
  • No-stay bills;
  • Automatic taxes;
  • Refund, partial refund, canceled bills;
  • Billing history, every guest's billing archive for all the years of staying in the hotel;
  • Different modes of payments (case, bank cards);
  • arbitrary number of cashiers and the ability for all the cashiers to work with one cash report;
  • Settlements for groups of tariffs with discounts applications;
  • Automatic settlements for bookings;
  • Multi-currency settlement (USD, EUR, RUR, etc);
  • A stand-alone currency income report;
  • Settlemente archive;
  • Wire transfer invoicing including pro-forma invoices.


  • Customizable reports;
  • Export to html, pdf.

Tariffs and prices

  • Flexible system of unlimited number of tariffs;
  • Temporary restriction on a tariff, automatic initiation of a tariff;
  • Creation of an arbitrary number of additional services of a fixed and arbitrary price;
  • The possibility of payment including and not including VAT;
  • Other rooms' tariff payment


  • Guests profiles;
  • Rooms' attributes, rooms amount, rooms' categories.


  • Unique identifier and a password for every user of the Portier suite;
  • User roles and permissions;
  • Logging of all the users' actions.

Website: www.bgportier.ru